Engineered for industry

Dynamic value chain modeling

Riivos value chain modeling capabilities let us quickly define the complex business and data relationships in a non-programmer language. The Riivos value chain model can be defined and re-defined as we build new industry applications and as we extend existing industry applications, which makes it possible to integrate many different kinds of data from many different sources into a single coherent application that reflects how people naturally think about their business.

Privacy & security controls

Privacy-protective capabilities are built into the platform’s architecture. Our security controls are designed to support precision data handling, multi-level security, and complete auditability. All data in the platform is tied to its original data source, where access restrictions can be applied on a granular basis. Users can be assigned access permissions that govern their ability to interact with this data. User and administrator interaction with data is recorded in a history manager log.


Riivos collaboration technology enables multiple users, within and across organizations, to seamlessly, securely, and collaboratively analyze the same data. The Riivos Technology Platform supports collaboration across organizational, functional, and geographic locations. Users can create their own scenarios in the private user space and can share scenarios when they’re ready. Scenario sharing is governed by privacy and security features, which ensures that only the allowable data is shared.

Enterprise data management

All data is stored in Riivos history manager database. Riivos tracks changes made to every scenario, whether these changes originate in the source data or are made by end users. Users can explore individual points of view, record each step, and jump back to earlier points in their thinking. Users can share ideas and insights without losing their own work. The result is version-controlled, enterprise data management that represents the accumulated insights of an organization’s users, turning their analyses into data that can be further leveraged by the enterprise.

Algorithmic processing

Our built-in algorithmic calculation service crunches through millions of data relationships to produce financial and operational metrics for users to review. Riivos serves as the place where complicated data relationships can be compiled and easily analyzed. Non-programmer analysts can use our calculation framework to create new algorithms without writing a line of code.

Extensibility and APIs

The Riivos platform is designed to be extensible at every layer of the technology framework. From integrating data, changing and extending value chains, to configuring role-based dashboards, it is designed as an open platform. Riivos supports two-way data integration with ERPs, operational systems and financial applications using web service APIs.