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Continuous value chain management enables you to step away from outdated management systems and achieve a new frontier in value creation.

Riivos value chain management applications change how industries are run.

Our industry cloud applications give managers and their teams the power to realize optimum financial performance by seeing the financial ripple effects of business condition changes and management decisions across their complete value chain.

Tailored to the unique needs of specific industries, we marry advanced technologies with the knowledge of industry experts.

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100% dedicated to the unique value creation challenges of complex, dynamic industries.

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your value chain

See impact

Connect the dots and bring siloed data under a single application where you can see the future financial effects of business condition changes and management decisions across your complete value chain.


Drive out latency

Shorten the time between decision and impact, between event and response, and between idea and implementation.


Solve complex problems immediately

Create scenarios to instantly see the outcomes of complex multidimensional challenges that were previously impossible to predict with speed or accuracy.


Achieve superior performance

Enable cross-enterprise management of your value chain so you can apply the right people and data to critical decisions in real-time to continuously deliver shareholder value and returns.


Step past outdated methods.
Choose a better way.

Cloud applications that apply advanced algorithms to the continuous management of the complete value chain across specific industries.

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