Changing how industries are run

Why we’re here

The primary challenge businesses will face in the future is not disruption, but a failure to respond to the accelerating pace of business.

When we started Riivos, the question we asked seemed simple: How can we use advanced technologies to transform the way businesses create and manage value?

The answer was more complex. We realized the world didn’t need another industry agnostic financial planning technology. Instead, it needed the hard work of connecting the value chain dots within specific industries, so that we could create the tools managers would need to continuously understand the future financial impact of the complex business choices they faced daily.

It also required us to become a different kind of company. Not a technology company, but a technology-meets-industry company. A company that allies technology smarts with industry expertise, that connects its client’s strategic intent to their operational reality, and that integrates disparate data and systems into a clear view of financial impact.

What we do

We create industry-specific, cloud-based value chain management applications. Supported by experienced industry professionals, these give managers and their teams the power to realize optimum financial performance by seeing the financial ripple effects of business condition changes and management decisions across their complete value chain.

Our applications integrate disparate data and internal systems from across your unique value chain to give everyone in the organization a shared understanding of how to continuously create and manage value.

What drives us

We build our company around the industries we serve

Every industry is unique: unique value chains, partner ecosystems, competitive pressures, and desired outcomes. Our combined team of software engineers and industry experts applies advanced technologies and expertise in specific industries through the lens of an uncompromising desire to see the customers we serve in the industries we focus on be successful.

We combine software and services to change the way industries are run

Our focus is on creating the best solution for any organization that needs a single financial view of their value chain so they can manage it continuously and in real-time. Solutions that enable people to ask and answer complex questions of their business without requiring them to build their own models, master statistical analysis, or create their own software.

We work with companies to shift management into the flow

Our customers face an intractable challenge. Management via discreet planning events is broken. The world moves too fast and opportunities are too fleeting to wait for the plan. This is why we deploy tailored applications, integrate disparate data, and optimize workflows to help make the shift from management by plan to managing within the continuous flow of modern business.

We accelerate the impact of managers on their businesses

Powerful technologies applied correctly augment the ability of people within an industry to create impact. By helping businesses see the financial implications of decisions before they are made, we accelerate the impact of managers. And because we create an integrated view of the whole organization, senior leaders can now communicate using a shared language of success, unleashing the creativity and problem-solving capacity of their people.

We eliminate the latency between strategy & operations

We’re on a mission to eliminate the latency between strategy and operations, between idea and impact, and between thinking something might work and knowing that it will. We want our customers to be able to predict the future with confidence, and to continuously see whether the decisions they’ve already made are working.

What comes next

Leaders from around the world trust Riivos to help manage their businesses, but this is just the beginning. We are working to create a future where the latencies between strategy, operations and day-to-day management are eliminated, and where entire industries can focus on creating and managing value rather than struggling through the next quarter.

We’re actively adding to the industries we serve and bringing in new experts from new industries who are committed to helping our customers change how they run their businesses.

We’re exploring how machine learning, artificial intelligence, and additional sources of rich data can be harnessed to accelerate these efforts.

Our aim is to drive out latency, to augment the abilities of managers to continuously create value, and to focus more of their attention on making things better instead of accepting the outdated compromises of the past.