An unparalleled commitment to your success

Our team of dedicated mortgage professionals and technology experts work with you to ensure success, and help you shape how the mortgage industry is run.


Our mortgage professional services team are industry experts. We get your team up and running efficiently and effectively so that you can start making value creation decisions faster. Our mortgage industry experts configure your mortgage lending application with your data, your business model and forecasting assumptions and integrate with your other key applications such as your general ledger and your loan origination system.

Our implementation methodology is efficient and transparent from kick off, configuration, integration, training, and adoption into your workflow. Our success is measured by your ability to make value-driving decisions within weeks, not years.

Training & education

Riivos learning & training portal

User training and adoption is key to great outcomes, and we’re your go-to resource for becoming a Riivos mortgage expert.  We provide a combination of training resources including a cloud-based training portal, product and workflow documentation, value-chain management training, and personalized on-site instruction. As we innovate our technology to meet your evolving needs, our product manager and professional services teams provide new feature training. We are committed to empowering your organization with rich training resources so that you can maximize Riivos’ impact across your organization.

Mortgage industry best practices

Our mortgage products and industry experts provide industry and business process expertise to help you get insights that drive higher performance. These experts provide training on everything, from using Riivos to achieve higher levels of ownership, management, and accountability, to driving operational efficiencies and finding new opportunities that drive more basis points to the bottom line. Our team is fixated on enabling mortgage bankers to achieve their strategic goals and objectives and improve financial performance.

Onboard new users

As you expand usage of your mortgage solutions across the enterprise and as employees change into new roles, we provide comprehensive training resources, so that you continue to get maximum benefit from your Riivos mortgage solution. From prescribed training, to virtual instructor-led courses facilitated by product and industry experts, to hands-on practice within your own Riivos solution, you’ll have the tools and support to achieve productivity rapidly.

Contextual dashboards

Riivos mortgage solutions contextual dashboards are designed to deliver structured, consistent, and intuitive training that is tailored to your role within the enterprise: executive, finance professional, operations manager, branch manager, or capital markets head. With access to role-specific dashboards, training is simple and fast. We set up your individual training plan, track your progress, and schedule regular check ins to assess how you and your team are progressing with using Riivos to manage and create enterprise value.

Always available

Because you use Riivos, you have access to your cloud solutions 24 x 7. That means you can access your applications and your training materials at any time from any location. Additionally, our help desk is available online during your support business hours to assist you with questions and issues. We’re here to ensure you get maximum value from your investment in Riivos solutions.