Alight, Inc. changes name to Riivos, Inc.

July 16, 2018

Pioneer in Industry-Cloud, Continuous Value Chain Management to enter new vertical industries this year

SAN FRANCISCO-- Effective today, Alight, Inc. the pioneer in industry-cloud, value chain management applications that drive superior financial performance, has changed its name to Riivos, Inc. The name change, and new branding reflect the company’s success in serving the Mining and Mortgage industries and their plans for expansion into the Life Sciences and Oil and Gas industry groups later this year.

Performing at the Speed of Modern Business

Management systems have not kept pace with the speed of business change. To succeed, managers need new approaches that enable them to make continuous, value-driving decisions.

Trusted by industry leaders, Riivos real-time, industry-cloud applications, give managers and their teams the power to realize optimum financial performance by seeing the future, financial, ripple effects of business condition changes and management decisions across their complete value chain. Teams see their business in a way that is natural to them - enabling collaborative discovery, exploration, analysis, and tracking of opportunities that drive value.

“Today, billions of dollars in stakeholder value are waiting to be captured by organizations that shift their teams into a real-time decision flow,” said Michele McGovern, CEO of Riivos, Inc. “We’re on a mission to eliminate the latency between strategy and operations, and between idea and impact so that our customers can manage their future with confidence. In addition to adding new industry groups, we’re working on enhanced predictive analytics and machine learning capabilities to help customers achieve increased levels of enterprise value.”

The Riivos Technology Platform, Engineered for Industry

Riivos cloud applications, built by industry experts, marry the Riivos advanced technology platform with industry expertise. Platform capabilities allow non-programmers to quickly configure new-industry applications in weeks, not years, enabling Riivos to move into new vertical industries quickly and continuously deliver new functionality to customers. The built-in algorithmic calculation service crunches through millions of data relationships to produce financial and operational metrics in real-time. Riivos supports two-way data integration with ERPs, operational systems and financial applications using Java APIs.

“Riivos powerful technologies augment and accelerate the human ability to create impact by helping teams quickly see the financial implications of decisions before they are made,” said Steve Warren, CTO, Riivos, Inc. “By creating an integrated view of the whole organization, senior leaders communicate using a shared language of success, unleashing the creativity and problem-solving capacity of their people. We continue to innovate and develop advanced technologies that enable customers to manage their economic future in real-time.”

About Riivos

Riivos is a San Francisco-based technology company, pioneering a new space in industry-cloud, continuous value chain management. Riivos real-time, industry applications let managers, and their teams, see future, financial, ripple effects of business condition changes and management decisions across their entire value chain. With this clarity of the future, teams can take action to achieve optimal financial performance. Riivos works with companies in the Mining and Mortgage industries with plans to expand into Life Sciences and Oil and Gas later this year. For more information:


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