Fintech Executive, Jeffrey Axelrod, Joins Riivos Mortgage As Group Executive

January 25, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 25, 2019 -- Riivos, Inc., the leader in cloud-based, continuous value chain management technology, today announced the appointment of Jeffrey Axelrod as Group Executive of Riivos Mortgage.

Jeffrey Axelrod comes to Riivos with over 25 years of experience in fintech and enterprise software. Prior to Riivos, Mr. Axelrod served as CEO and founder of Cogency, a provider of partnership and portfolio accounting software used by many of the largest endowments, pension funds, private equity funds and fund of hedge funds, to manage over $100Bin assets. Under Jeffrey's leadership, Cogency helped clients manage and grow through some of the most complex market conditions by combining technology and deep industry expertise in areas such as fee and liquidity management, strategic scenario planning, and multi-asset class portfolio management.

Mr. Axelrod led Cogency to a successful acquisition by Backstop Solutions Group, where he drove the integration of Cogency and took on responsibility for all aspects of the Backstop Solutions SaaS platform and product suite.

"This is a challenging market cycle in the mortgage industry and, at the same time, full of opportunities. I've had many years of experience helping clients navigate dynamic market conditions. I am delighted to join Riivos Mortgage and lead the charge in helping mortgage lenders execute on their financial goals to increased profitability, liquidity and longevity," Mr. Axelrod said. "The Riivos Mortgage scenario capabilities that let our customers see the real-time financial ripple effects is critical when managing in today's environment."

"The combination of Jeffrey's customer leadership and applied technology expertise will be invaluable to our customers and our team," said Michele McGovern, CEO, Riivos, Inc. "He brings a shared drive and vision on how we can help strengthen the mortgage industry as it goes through transformative changes. We're thrilled to have him join the Riivos team."

About Riivos

Riivos is a San Francisco-based technology company pioneering industry-specific, cloud-based Value Chain Management applications and enables clients in complex, fast-changing industries to continuously find and realize ways to create value. Riivos applications give CEOs and their executive teams the power to continuously monitor the future financial ripple effects of business condition changes and management decisions across their end-to-end value chains, creating a holistic financial model of their organization that can be used strategically to run complex multi-variant scenarios to achieve optimal financial performance. Riivos works with companies in Mortgage and Mining, with plans to expand into Life Sciences and Oil & Gas in the coming year. For more information: