Sleep well while the wind blows. Plan for success in any market conditions.

See the financial ripple effects of planned operational changes, before you implement them. So you can make decisions with confidence.

Dedicated to helping mortgage firms become more profitable, more liquid and more resilient.

Use our Mortgage Value Chain Management applications to understand how future changes in business drivers — volume by product, margins, underwriter productivity or servicing retention, for example — affect total financial value. Gain the power of a holistic financial model that allows you to conduct robust analyses across cost centers, products, channels, and your entire company.

•   Manage value at every step of the mortgage manufacturing process from application to settlement to service.

•   Model strategic plans in Riivos to see expected results before spending time and money and leaving outcomes to chance.

•   Compare actual results to your plan, or to industry benchmarks.

•   Prepare for stress testing requirements and ongoing agency requests with past, present and projected future key metrics.

“Within two months of implementing Riivos, we identified nearly $2 million in salaries and vendor-related costs to eliminate.”

—    CFO, Independent Mortgage Bank

Drive financial results

Make informed decisions with the help of Riivos scenarios that show you financial outcomes as you fine-tune your business drivers:

Margin vs volume

Run scenarios to understand the financial relationship between margin and volume, and find the optimal balance for each product, channel and cost center.


Servicing portfolio size and content

View the impact of different portfolio sizes and content on cash and income, in various market conditions.



Understand how the implementation of new digital tools for borrower collaboration, back office, or 3rd party collaboration are likely to affect cash, operations, productivity and volume.


Cost reduction

Make informed decisions along each step and within each cost center in the value chain.


“In Riivos, we provide our branch managers visibility into the actual and forecasted profitability trends for their individual branches, so if a branch is missing targets we can quickly pinpoint the problem and work with the branch manager to get back on the profitability track.”

—    CEO, Independent Mortgage Bank

Our products

Executive management can use our strategic planning, forecasting, and scenario analysis solution help them plan more effectively and ensure departments and teams are engaged and accountable for profitable growth.

Capital markets teams can run sensitivity analysis on existing and new programs to quickly and easily evaluate the financial impact various pricing strategies will have on the entire organization.

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