Mines don't create value
on instinct alone

Continuous value chain management from Riivos gives you the power to increase financial performance across the complete value chain of the world’s most complex mining operations.

Riivos value chain management applications change how the mining industry is run.

Our cloud applications give you the power to realize optimum financial performance by seeing the future and financial ripple effects of business condition changes and management decisions across your complete mining value chain.

We tailor to the unique needs of mining operations globally and marry advanced technologies with the knowledge of engineers and experts.

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Drive future performance

Managing declining grades?

Accurately predict the financial impact of declining grades on extraction operations, analyze competing scenarios, and optimize your management approach.


Embracing digitization & automation?

Model the complex interrelationships necessary for the implementation of digitization, drones, IoT, autonomous vehicles, and understand their impact on your capital investment strategy.


Meeting shareholder expectations?

Quickly understand the impact of external forces and unexpected operational circumstances, and ensure shareholders are consistently, accurately and clearly informed.