Perform to a higher standard from pit-floor to boardroom

Mining Strategic Planning

Mining Strategic Planning enables collaboration between site and corporate. By helping site report financial and operational performance to corporate, and corporate to consolidate this information from each site, decision makers can run the business through effective decision making.

How Mining Strategic Planning transforms your business

Pricing strategies

Take advantage of fluctuating markets to determine the best strategy for product sales, such as internal sales, stockpiling, or quick sale while prices are high.

Asset management

Manage asset sales, valuations, and acquisitions. See how operations match up within your portfolio and if they fit your business strategy.

Corporate consolidation

Consolidate data from a multitude of operations such that each site can easily report actuals and performance. Effortlessly perform corporate consolidations to give a full financial and operational overview of the business.

Corporate initiatives & distribution

Need to roll-out corporate initiatives and benchmarks? Riivos seamlessly distributes data and scenarios among users, which helps corporate to effortlessly communicate enterprise wide.

Fleet management

Manage capital and long term operating strategies through fleet selection. Compare cost and performance of different fleet combinations to find the best strategy for your operations.


  • Executive Team
  • General Managers
  • Finance Team
  • Cost Analysts
  • Mine Planners

Key features

  1. Collaborate between corporate and site on forecasts, budgets, and results
  2. Manage long-term fleet selection and equipment comparison
  3. Plan for fluctuating commodity and currency markets
  4. Consolidate site performance and metrics to a corporate financial and operational overview
  5. Manage multiple global assets through Life-of-Mine to determine value and opportunities


  • Global Iron Ore Producer
  • Evaluating production strategies relative to changing iron ore prices
  • Proactive management to allocate and mobilize resources to achieve targets
  • Integration of production physical data and financial results or forecasts


  • Tasked with driving out costs and increasing production by corporate mandate
  • Multiple time-consuming iterations of mine plans run every quarter
  • Complex value chain with multiple mining areas, processing facilities, railways, ports, data sources, and stakeholders


  • Implement Mining Strategic Planning
  • Integrate mine planning with operational and financial systems
  • Run scenarios on different mine plans to compare financial results
  • Simplified data management and integration with SAP

Value creation

  • Increased visibility into operating strategies and historical scenarios
  • Assessment of real-time impacts on Free Cash Flow, NPV, and capital spending
  • Increased ability to achieve cost and production targets, improving operational performance
  • Real-time, condensed reporting to international corporate stakeholders