Perform to a higher standard from pit-floor to boardroom

Mining Portfolio Forecasting

To stay ahead of the market, all successful mining companies continuously work to improve their bottom line through a series of projects and initiatives. Mining Portfolio Forecasting helps these businesses ensure that capital is allocated effectively, focus is directed towards the true bottlenecks, and prioritization is based on return.

How Mining Portfolio Forecasting benefits your business

Allocate capital confidently

Make capital spending decisions based on forecasted project value-creation.

Focus spending on production constraints

Address the practical capacity of your value chain directly, maximizing the return on invested capital.

Track capital spending & initiative development

Track spending against the budgeting capital programs, and developmental progress of continuous improvements and innovations.

Sequence continuous improvement projects

Order initiatives to provide the greatest return.

Understand impacts to the bottom line

Quantify spending required and financial return based on improvements as a result of projects and initiatives.


  • Corporate Executives
  • Innovation Subject Matter Experts
  • Project Managers
  • Project Controllers
  • Investment Committee
  • Continuous Improvement Team

Key features

  1. Prioritize capital spending across a series of projects and initiatives
  2. Understand the high-level impact of initiative driven changes to the bottom line
  3. Identify practical capacities and bottle necks throughout the value chain
  4. Track and reforecast capital allocation budgets
  5. Layer impact of initiatives on top of Life-of-Mine plans


  • Tier 1 gold miner
  • Tasked with generating $2B in free cash flow from innovation
  • Evaluating dozens of innovation and continuous improvement projects across numerous mines spread across the Americas


  • Understanding the true value of innovation projects
  • Managing a multi-million dollar R&D budget across these projects
  • Allocating capital based on project value and results


  • Implement Mining Portfolio Forecasting
  • Budget integrated with Oracle to forecast R&D and manage project budgets
  • 20+ project managers collaborating on one source
  • Incremental value of each innovation captured

Value creation

  • Understand relative value of different innovation projects
  • Enhanced prioritization of capital expenditures
  • Increased visibility into budget and results
  • Reduction in time and effort to perform month-end analysis of projects