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Become a high performance mortgage business

Mortgage Lending

Mortgage Lending provides mortgage lenders—both banks and non-banks—a budgeting, forecasting, reporting, variance analysis, and scenario analysis solution, which integrates with data in key systems (G/L, LOS, payroll, servicing and more) to help you budget more effectively, produce more accurate forecasts, and hold departments and teams accountable for profitable growth.

How Mortgage Lending benefits your business

Easy to access

Cloud-based software delivered to any device at any time.

Industry expertise

Built and implemented by mortgage industry veterans and experts.

Run various scenarios

Powerful visualizations that drive precise, real-time financial decision making.

Accountability within the entire organization

Single source of record for the future of the organization.

Easy to manage

Complete budgeting and forecasting process in a single location that can be disseminated throughout the organization.


  • C-level Executives
  • Board of Directors
  • Finance Team
  • Corporate Department Heads
  • Fulfillment Department Heads
  • Branch Managers

Key features

  1. Integrate with general ledger, loan origination system and personnel/human resources software
  2. Hold all departments accountable
  3. Compare what-if scenarios side by side
  4. Easy-to-use dashboards
  5. History manager


  • Independent Mortgage Bank
  • ~$1bn originations
  • Retail, Wholesale, Servicing
  • 22 Retail branches
  • Goals: Grow business in new wholesale channel, improve profitability and grow volume in branches, add high-performing branches


  • Warehouse line management
  • Branches: business plans submitted annually, no way to monitor and project volume or financials
  • Running scenarios in spreadsheets is time consuming


  • Riivos Mortgage Lending
  • Integration of data sources: GL, LOS, Cap Markets, Payroll
  • Branch financials updated monthly in Riivos
  • Branch accountability
  • Management review via dashboards
  • Management visibility into branch pipeline (including production costs)
  • Riivos-generated reports streamline decision making

Value creation

  • Identified source of margin erosion to improve realized gain on sale
  • 20 bps margin improvement
  • Added 2 new high-performing branches
  • CEO can view P&L, balance sheet and cash flow, and run on-the-fly scenarios from any device